Denim Expert Ltd was founded in 2009 by MD Mostafiz Uddin, an entrepreneur driven by his passion for all aspects of the denim industry, with an inherent desire to improve the lot of his employees (who he regards as family!) an insatiable mission to improve the transparency and sustainable aspects of the denim trade as a whole and to promote the Bangladesh garment industry to a wider global audience.

Since its foundation, Denim Expert Ltd. has become internationally recognized as a manufacturer with product development integrity, adhering to the highest levels of safety, environmental and social compliance standards. We pride ourselves on the fact that our product range is in a perpetual stage of eveolution and our investment in the latest in state of the art manufacturing and finishing technologies, is constantly bringing benefits to our workforce, our environment and, ultimately, our valued customers.

Our approach to product development is without compare – and recognition of this has seen our workforce grow to 2500 and our annual production increase to 3.5 Million pieces of premium level denim, destined for export to the European and American markets.

Our mission is simple – to create the best denim product possible, with the highest sustainable and ethical standards and with the least possible environmental impact – follow our story on these pages!

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