Make & Finish

We never forget the importance of finishing touches.

Our efficiently managed department is highly trained in processes, traceability and garment precision. Finishing really starts at the pattern stage. The correct pattern, exact marking preparation, precise cutting, bundling and sewing expertise is fundamental to obtain the desired finishing touches. Our quality controllers are so vigilant and cautious that little work is needed at this stage. Instead, our skilled technicians dispose of more time to concentrate on normal finishing work like counting garments, checking washing and finishing effects, thread cutting and sucking, gumming up any left thread or dust, attaching buttons and rivets, ironing, checking product safety, applying the correct labels according to customer demands, shade checking, folding, packing, sorting and shipping.

We have 200 Quality Control and finishing stations including automated finishing operations and Ironing. Creasing and Folding are achieved with specialized machines.

Monthly finishing capacity is 3 to 3.5 lac pcs.

Needle Detector M/C= 1, Heat Seal M/C=1, PP Belt M/C= 1, Hang Tag M/C= 8, Thread Sucker M/C=1, Waist Tag M/C= 3, Button Pull Test M/C= 1, Pressing M/C= 16, Snap Button M/C= 16, Single Needle M/C= 9, Bartack M/C= 5.

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