Ecological and Human ressources

Ecological & human ressources

Denim Expert Limited’s laundry is the first of its kind in Bangladesh to recycle 60% of its water usage. Our custom-designed effluent treatment plant (ETP) has been designed to recycle the waste water before returning it to the earth..

Planting trees is an act of fundamental importance to the environment whilst enriching the lives of our employees and local community. DEL has embarked on a program of planting huge, seasonal flower trees surrounding the plant.

We believe that profitability and growth is dependant upon our workforce. We provide enhanced rates of pay, health care and medical facilities and also excellent canteen and social facilities. We welcome suggestions and encourage dialogue amongst all staff so that they feel totally involved in the future of the company.

Certification : Denim Expert Limited has always been committed to the safety of its employees whilst aspiring to the highest operational standards.

The company has certifications WRAP, SEDEX, BSCI and has been accredited ISO 9001:2008 (Quality and Management System) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), with an in-house compliance management team.

Denim Expert Limited has also been identified as a green building by The Accord inspection organization for building, fire and safety standards.


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